3 Ways Lies Live With Us

Lies easily become part of the fabric of our lives.

We may not realize we’re embracing a lie, but depending on how it’s presented — or misrepresented — we become willing participants unwittingly promoting it. 

3 ways lies live with us are when we’re:

  1. afraid of experiencing significant loss, fear of extremely painful rejection, or receiving undeserved punishment
  2. feeling overpowered, forced to comply, lacking self-confidence, or physically and mentally worn-out 
  3. accepting someone’s word as truth, which eventually turns out to be false

Why we let lies live with us is confounding.

They make life more difficult by complicating matters and fogging our view of the real world. Lies often serve as strongholds, negatively impacting life. 

Because we accepted them, sometimes lies become so ingrained, we find ourselves living with them as if they were true. In this way, lies become part of life. They shape our lives for us and forge the ways we ought not to go, but do go, by choice.

One of the biggest reasons we allow lies to take up residence with us is we forget who we are.

Bursting in on us, we allow an intimidator to boldly step into our space and begin demanding things so outrageous, if we were casual observers watching this made-for-reality TV episode play out, we would say the claims and requests are ridiculous! 

But we don’t. Why? Maybe it’s the element of surprise because it was so crazy and unexpected. Possibly we’re bowled over by the over-whelming personal disregard. We can’t always be prepared for every request or question — or can we? 

We may profess to seek a simpler life, casting off the unnecessary and addressing needless difficulties standing in our way. In today’s complex world, what’s the purpose of having lies as a daily companion? 

The answer is simple: the truth is hard to face. The truth is difficult to express. The truth is often daunting because it is so different and completely out of step with the world’s ways. Who wants to live as an outcast or be weird on purpose?

Most of us want to live like a nimble ninja whenever we can.

Our days are filled with pivoting to take a shortcut or employing a hack that promises to save time, quickly delivering more of what we seek. We’re always looking for a better way, aren’t we? 

Even with the promise of less traffic, it’s uncomfortable to diverge from life’s main thoroughfare. The route of easy is predetermined and practically proven by our peers to make everyday living less stressful, more modern, and elegant. Who doesn’t want this? 

The problem with the easy way is it is a short-term choice for now. It never considers the consequences impacting the future, beyond this moment. 

The choice made today may be morally acceptable, but in the long term, it promises spiritual pain or leads us from the direction we should go. This is the territory marked as gray areas on our life map. 

It’s imperative to know what you stand for, who you stand for, and who stands for you.

I’ve been stunned many times when I’ve been confronted with making a decision or addressing a situation I never expected. It came out of left field and I could never have seen it coming. I imagine you’ve experienced this, too. 

To identify, avoid and eviscerate life-wrecking lies, we need a firm foundation of standards and beliefs. We must hold them close, relying on them to make appropriate choices and decisions, or risk the consequences in a moment of weakness. 

The adage “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything” is proven. Armed with the truth, we can stand ready for the unexpected, not fearing earthly consequences. We can still make mistakes, and missteps, but all is not lost. 

When we stand on the firm foundation of the Bible, we can be assured our choices will be appropriate. Praying over decisions seeking (and following) our heavenly Father’s guidance, they will be right and pleasing to Him. 

We can confidently live forward taking the road less traveled when we accurately set our moral compass true north on Him. In so doing, we have no need for GPS or reading reviews to guide us. His Word is reliable and Scripture tells us to stand ready with our answer (1 Peter 3:13-18).

When we fully rely on God’s forever promises and reliable guidance rather than man’s fleeting promises and momentary strategies, it is easier to remain sure of our steps.

By following God’s tried and true ways, we walk out our faith in confidence as we move forward on solid ground. 

We can rest on the assurance God keeps His promises and says what He means. His Word is unwavering and His Ways are always appropriate. They have stood the test of time and have been proven effective. It may seem difficult to believe words written so long ago could still stand. The Bible is His living, breathing Word. It remains relevant for His people (all of us) today. You can count on it. 

Scripture tells us He has a plan for each of us. His plan includes His desire to prosper our lives. (Jeremiah 29:11-13) We know we can rest in His Word, assured His plans will be regardless of man’s foolishness. He will lead us in the way we should go. 

Holding the requests, inquiries, promises, brilliant insight, and any threats that come our way next to God’s Word helps us identify the lies by discerning the truth and determining our next right thing.

Embrace the truth. Live forward in love. Kick the Life-Wrecking Lies to the Curb!